About Chip


Chip is a former U.S. Army officer and senior corporate leader who likes to speak of himself in the third person. After serving years in combat units around the globe and then slaving away in Corporate America’s largest firms, Chip stepped away from the proverbial salt mines to work for himself.

Some call him a renaissance man. On any given day, he might be dusting off a chapter to a novel, blowing his saxophone in a gig, speaking to high school students about his beloved alma mater– the United States Military Academy at West Point, brokering a business deal, or kicking his heels together in the air after discovering another great stock. The bottom line is that he’s going about his life on his terms.

By writing contemporary fiction.

His stories delve beneath the surface of passions and relationships.

What is the alchemy of attraction?

Can hearts heal after infidelities?

Is love everlasting, or does it come with an expiration date?

Must a relationship burn with erotic fires to survive life’s obstacles?

The bottom line?

Embracing passions and relationships.™