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RINGS is Chip’s first literary offering among many, many more to come. It is a story of passions and relationships surrounding the Washington Cavalry, the erstwhile Redskins of the National Football League.

Excerpt: Chapter One

Travis Blackwell’s smile didn’t hide his pleasure. She was simply magical. He knew that she’d probably gotten the designer dress on sale, as usual, though she didn’t have to be frugal.

In walked a summery black and white dress. It flowed with the lines of her svelte proportions, clinging to her slim-hipped curves, riding above her knees. It was sheer enough to hint at the black bra. The scoop neck framed a wink of cleavage. She had pulled back her satiny brown hair into her signature ponytail with feathery bangs that drifted over her eyebrows. Siobhan (Blackwell) was all legs, the result of early morning treadmill and elliptical work. The sun had tanned their caramel-colored complexion to the coppery glow of a new penny. More often than not, she didn’t bother with makeup. At most, she’d employ thirty seconds of a little eyeliner, lip gloss, and a stroke of bronzer on her cheeks. Perspiration slicked wisps of hair to her face.

Travis never tired of his five foot eleven inch beauty.

Her Bambi eyes that noticed everything.

The way her calves bunched and released as she entered the room.

Her striking cheekbones.

The sensual movement of her hips.

Her elegant neck around which hung a platinum necklace of simple design.

The polish on her toes contrasted the midnight silver Jimmy Cho high heels that were so thin as to appear virtually invisible on her feet. Thin bands wrapped around her big toes and encircled her ankles. Travis remembered the first time that she’d worn that color polish years ago. He could hear her girlish voice say, “I call it juicy pink, just like the sweet juice of watermelon on a hot summer day.”

But her glossy lips didn’t smile today.

“Sorry for keeping everyone waiting,” Siobhan said in a soft voice. Perspiration matted wisps of her hair to her skin. She blotted sweat from her brow with tissues. Tension lines creased the corners of her eyes that were the color of sweet tea. She kept her breathing even, summoning a calm grace, knowing her voice would break.

She glanced around the table at everybody, except Travis. Though dressed, she felt naked to his eyes and didn’t want him gazing at her that way. Her hand raised to her breasts.

This was business.

Embracing passions and relationships.™

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