“Unseen in the …

“Unseen in the background, Fate was quietly slipping lead into the boxing-glove.”
― P.G. Wodehouse, ‘Very Good, Jeeves!'”

Imagine last year’s NFL Most Valuable Player being chased out of his 20,000 square foot mansion by his wife hours before the start of the new football season.  Remember Elin Woods making Tiger crash his auto that fateful November evening?

Note that the MVP’s meltdown includes network cameras broadcasting him calling a teammate a most despicable name on the sidelines just after kickoff of the first game.  Consider that he was involved in a major road rage incident, that his credit card was declined at the gas station, and that he spent a night in jail.

And, his contract with his team runs out at the end of the season.  The team’s owner is a no nonsense evangelical who has little patience with players who have character issues, especially if they’re captains of the team.  Will the team even want to re-sign the MVP?

Picture the MVP’s wife.  She’s wearing a fabulous gown all alone at a swanky charity ball just blocks from the White House.  Imagine her being unexpectedly swept away with just the clothes on her back out of the country on a private jet by an heir to a fortune of billions.

And the MVP finds out in the newspaper!


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