The Perfect Fast Food

The grilled cheese sandwich is sublimely perfect, no?

It can be prepared in a matter of minutes. Speed is of the essence in our microwave society. We want what we want right now. The grilled cheese isn’t like ordering a pizza because there’s no waiting for a delivery guy to fight through traffic to ring the doorbell.

What’s better than melted butter and gooey cheese on bread? And that question is what makes the grilled cheese so perfect. This sandwich platform is limited only by one’s imagination.

* How about grilling cheese on both the interior and the exterior of the bread?
* What about blending a variety of cheeses?
* Bacon!!! Need I say more?
* Add raw or caramelized onion.
* What about some herbs like basil or rosemary or oregano?
* A slice of tomato or canned, diced tomatoes.
* My daughter puts mayonnaise on her grilled cheese sandwiches. Arrrgh! The thought makes my mouth foam up.
* Or, leftover chicken or pot roast.
* More cheese!
* And on and on and on…

No matter the time of day, I enjoy grilled cheeses. For breakfast, for lunch, for snacks, for dinner, for the hell of it.

I have found that the grilled cheese helps me with to get my daily vegetables. I often go to the cabinet and grab a jar of spaghetti sauce and pour some into a bowl. I use the grilled cheese as a tomato sauce delivery system. That begs the question: Is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Hmmm?

And, who has ever turned down a grilled cheese sandwich? Children? Never. The guys who come over to watch a ball game? No way! A date? What woman doesn’t like gruyere and/or brie with some capers and sun-dried tomatoes on sour dough bread? C’mon!!!

And the grilled cheese sandwich goes perfectly with every side dish from fries to any variety of soup to salads, and it pairs perfectly with milk, beer, wines, or Kool Aid.

Are you hungry right yet?

What’s the chance that you have some butter or olive oil in your kitchen? I’ll bet you have some bread and some cheese stashed away in the back of your refrigerator. Doesn’t your mouth automatically water when you think of taking that first bite? Imagine the strings of gooey goodness.

What’s stopping you? Go! Get that butter melting in the pan now.