Happy New Year!!!  Yes, I’m back.  Nobody has ever yearned for a new year as much I have.  2013 delivered challenge after challenge after new challenge.  Nonetheless, I am abundantly blessed not only to awaken this morning, but I am giddy with things that are on my horizon in this year.

I am not a resolutions dude, but I am all about routine goal-setting.  When I was on a particular corporate staff, we adopted FranklinCovey’s Four Disciplines of Execution.  From it I learned to focus on one or two Wildly Important Goals (WIGs).  The FranklinCovey website says, “The Wildly Important Goal (WIG) is the one that must be achieved, or nothing else you achieve really matters much.”  I will focus on my WIG for a month or a quarter or however long it takes to achieve it.  I put dates to my WIGs.  I get accountability partners to whom I report.  I focus on the daily activities which become my metrics or leading measurements for my personal scoreboard.  I lost 140 pounds without drugs or surgery by making weight loss my only WIG for eighteen months between 2012-2013.

But this approach sounds like a lot of corporate gobbledygook, right?

You create resolutions every year, but you routinely fall short, no?

Take a look at the website below.  Kani delivers a more human approach to goal-setting.  Adopt her SMART methodology and resolve to stick to your realistic goals.

Whether it is the beginning of a new year, or it’s the twentieth day of any month in the middle of the summer, remember that today is the first day of the rest of your life, and there is no better day than today to plan your successes.

Seize the day!  Success awaits you.  Plan it.


The Power of Little

The Power of Little

Thinking about having one cookie for dinner?  Why not?  It’s just one cookie.  Mmmmm!  That was delicious.  Let’s turn on ESPN and watch Sports Center.  Why not get another cookie or two or six?

I’ve attached an article below that shows the power of cutting just one hundred calories from your diet per day.  A typical cookie is at least one hundred calories, if not more.  Cutting one cookie a day will equal losing ten pounds per year.  Easy, huh?

When I lived in Korea, I noticed that villagers walked in the mornings and in the evenings.  They strolled without hurry.  It was their constitutionals, “a regular walk taken as a form of exercise” as defined by the Free Dictionary.

What if you simply walked around the block before you got into your automobile in the mornings prior to your jetting off to work?  What if you walked around the block after dinner?  Those eight blocks of walking will burn more than one hundred calories per day.


Cut one hundred calories per day, and that will equal the loss of ten pounds per year.  Then, walk around the block twice per day to burn at least another hundred calories per day.  According to my math, that’s the equivalent of losing at least twenty pounds per year!!!

Droping weight doesn’t have to be onerous.  It’s the little things done consistently that will make your pants fit looser.

Consistency, not intensity!

God bless you,