Accidental Mission

I posted the following on my Facebook timeline on March 11, 2013:

“The coolest thing occurred to me today. I was in the waiting room, and my doctor called my name. I grabbed my gear and headed toward her. While looking directly at me, she called my name again. She’s been my doctor for years, and she conducted my annual physical last October. I said, ‘Doc, don’t you recognize me?’ She was aghast that she didn’t recognize me because I had dropped another fifty pounds since my last physical. The total is exactly 140 pounds and counting. She said that she’s never seen anyone lose this much weight without drugs or surgery. Goals are powerful!!!”

As a result of that Facebook post, my e-mail inbox continues to fill, and I keep receiving text messages and telephone calls.  The common thread to these communications is that people are desperate for hope in the war against weight.  By accident, I have become a role model that ordinary people can lose weight without gimmicks, funky diets, drugs, or surgery.

I am pleased to say that I now have new followers of the ‘Chip Method,’ and they live across the USA, as far west as California.  Here are the simple thoughts that I’ve armed them with to begin their weight loss journeys:

* Their mantras need to be: “Consistency over intensity.”

* Find a comfortable distance that they can walk every day for the next twenty-one days; it takes twenty-one days to build new habits.  Consistently walk that distance.  Keep in mind that you burn just as many calories walking as you do running; therefore, don’t worry about speed.  It is better to walk one mile every single day than it is to walk five miles one day and take the next three off.  Consistently walking a moderate distance in the early days helps to train the mind that it must move daily.

* Buy a pedometer.  You’ll start out with an easy distance.  Eventually, you should work up to 10,000 steps per day.  Break up those steps.  Do some in the morning and some at night.

* Mark your daily distances on a calendar.  Reward yourself with a visual of your efforts.  This is a powerful tool.

* In the first twenty-one days, just concentrate on the activity of walking as you create this habit.  Changing dietary habits should come later.

By happenstance, I now believe that my Christian mission is to share this tremendous gift of weight loss with others.  As I am re-discovering my zest and vigor, I hope to inspire many.

God bless you!